Elena Bajo. A Universe comes into being... (Praxis. Less Poetry)

From: Thursday, 02 October 2014

To: Thursday, 04 December 2014

Place: North Gallery. Praxis space

By taking geotechnical samples from the region, the artist proposes to look at the surroundings in a new way

A Universe comes into being when a Space is severed or taken apart
Curator: Eduardo García Nieto

Elena Bajo (Madrid, 1976) presents a project that suggests other ways of reading the story of science. Despite starting from this language, her work is structured on the basis of other laws: Chance/Form/Intuition. These elements form a “zero degree” of conflict and tension. Similar to what some of these pieces have undergone. Many of the elements comprising this installation are part of this multiplicity of layers and readings, document and object, sculpture and fetish. A ritual seeking to create a vacuum in the assertive social order that must be completed by questions (universes).

By taking geotechnical samples from the region, the artist proposes that we look at our surroundings in a new way, both spatially (“downwards”) and temporally (including the rock's formation, but also the 2,800-year-old human remains in the area). As in many of her previous works, Bajo configures the exhibition space as a laboratory that may either be scientific or alchemical. She repositions the world's matrix within it, as a territory that is indivisible from the social, and from there she chooses the power to name and arrange primeval and, therefore, magical acts; although we can not read this magic as miraculous or exceptional. The supernatural lies in showing us everyday strangeness, in our beliefs, our work, our spaces and our bodies, thereby destabilising naturalised and assumed power structures.

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