STANZAS. Restitutive Practices on the Artium Collection

From: Saturday, 08 October 2011

To: Sunday, 08 April 2012

Place: Lower East Gallery

Estancias is a project of the ARTIUM Collection, the aim of which is to analyse the creative strategies of a collection.


The value of a work of art does not depend only on its content but on the possibilities it holds beyond the creative act.

Under the circumstances, and in view of the etymology of the term "restore", the exhibition Stanzas. Restorative practices on the Artium collection is developed, in an attempt to recover the potentialities of a number of works from the collection.

It is conceived on the basis of four Stanzas, four curatorial exercises, articulated around a number of works and actions, a seminar-workshop, theatre performances and a laboratory, made in a number of different timeframes. These works and the elements used to activate them are presented in the Lower East Gallery of Artium, which is also a space for work and machines.

Since Benjamin, discourses on the aesthetic conditions through which art is created have referred to concepts such as distance, proximity, reproducibility, authorship, value ... Stanzas. Restorative practices on the Artium Collection concurs with these strategies and the Brechtian concept of “refunctionalisation”, in the sense that the aim is not to supply the art production apparatus but to transform this.

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Introduction. BNV Producciones - Mar Villaespesa
See introduction

Stanza 1. Truth lies in the extreme. Valentín Roma
Exhibition narrative. Gestures of Politics
Seminar-workshop The dialectic cabinet
Publication Heterological dictionary
See Stanza 1

Stanza 2. Some actions for CMVAC. Fundación Rodríguez
Exhibition narrative. Get the collection moving
Some actions for CMVAC: 1. Sleep in the museum or Night in the museum 2. Free bookshop. 3. Art Crossing 5. Centre, Museum, Basque, Art, Contemporary, Artium. 6. The collection. Get the collection moving [Installation] 11. Local Groove [Workshop and Actions with Giants] 12. Limit of visit 9. From the highest place.
Publication Actions for CMVAC [Video]
See stanza 2

Stanza 3. One, two, three, four walls. Bulegoa z/b
Exhibition narrative. One, two, three, four walls
Theatre performances. One, two, three, four walls.
Publication of libretto. One, two, three, four walls
See stanza 3

Stanza 4. Out of control: laboratory of obliterated images. Laura Trafí-Prats
Exhibition narrative. Out of control: Laboratory of obliterated images
Laboratory Logics of vision
Postcards and website Out of control: laboratory of obliterated images
See Stanza 4

Stanzas. Restorative practices on the ARTIUM collection
Lower East Gallery
Curators: Mar Villaespesa and BNV Producciones (Joaquín Vázquez), in dialogue with Bulegoa z/b, Fundación Rodríguez, Valentín Roma and Laura Trafí-Prats
Produced by ARTIUM
With the sponsorship of the Culture Ministry and the Provincial Council of Alava


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