This exhibition invites to observe and reflect on three works by Vicente Ameztoy, Dora García and Loretta Lux

Mabi Revuelta. Unbreakable Toys
Mabi Revuelta. Unbreakable Toys

The exhibition looks back at the last seven years of the artist’s plastic research, which is structured around three main themes: language, play and art education


Special: summer visits

All Artium+The Collection as you have never seen it. Wednesdays, saturdays and sundays on july and august

Vanitas vanitatis

An artistic intervention of Carmen San Esteban at the exhibition Disorder. July 10, friday, and 11, saturday

Jazzaharrean at Artium

Jazz Festival of the Old Town of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Shirley Davis & The Groove Family. July 9, thursday



Educational project

The aim of the Education and Cultural Activities Department of ARTIUM is to bring key aspects of contemporary art closer to the general public.

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