Programmes for Secondary Education

2013-2014 years

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    3 hours
    Connecting cinema and contemporary art in order to open the door to analysis, debate and reflection on current issues. The students watch a movie and then go to the exhibition galleries to see some works related to the theme being dealt with
    For Second Cycle of ESO and Bachiller
    List of films
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Guided tour
1 hour
This option brings your students into contact with contemporary art through a single guided tour that is either general in nature or has a specific focus depending on your interests and/or the subject you teach.
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Chillida in the City
2 hours
This programme deals with the figure of Chillida and his contribution to the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz
For secondary school students in their final years
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    The Treasure tour-workshop
    2 hours
    The group explores the richness of the Artium Collection through the following topics:

    • People-bodies – think and feel
    • The seasons – cycles and changes
    • Real and imaginary – I see it, I imagine it
    • Public and private – mine and everybody’s
    • Art – Why is this art?
    • The future – How do we imagine it?

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You Decide tour-workshop
2 hours
In this activity the teachers together with the museum’s education team jointly plan the project to undertake
Limited availability
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Visit on your own
Did you know that you can also come with your group on your own?
For teachers who independently want to use the museum as an educational tool and visit it as many times as they deem necessary
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All the educational programmes are free if requested within their deadlines.

How to reserve the programmes

All the programmes can be reserved online on a first come, first served basis. To reserve an activty, fill in the form in this site. In the event that the activity cannot be carried out at the chosen date and time, we will contact you by phone.

Registration deadlines:

  • For tour-workshop: from 8 to 26 September 2014
  • For other programmes: from 29 September to 10 October 2014
  • If you register after the above dates you will be placed on a waiting list and contacted from November 2014.

Registration forms:
Guided tour | Connections | Chillida in the City | The Treasure tour-workshop | You Decide tour-workshop | Visit on your own

For further information:
Department of Education 
Tel: +34 945-209013 

Opinions of teachers

"Can be used to learn about your students in another educational context and it offers them a great deal
"Lose your inhibitions, public speaking, value, respect and creation"
"They see things from a different perspective and also view the work as a mirror"
"They learnt about what a museum is and how to behave correctly in such a place. They worked on the plastic arts in a different way. It was also a chance to learn that there are many ways of showing movement and putting this into practice"
"Communicating ideas through the arts"
"Differentiating works of art. They learnt how to see by doing work on characteristics and comparing and putting this into practice in the workshop"
"The importance of art in protest"

ARTIUM views education as a very serious challenge, a responsibility that we gladly assume with commitment. Thank you for your trust and collaboration!

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